"Common sense is not always common practice"

















"Don't blame them just train them"


Selecting effective training and development of your employees can vastly improve the success of your business. It can help build your competitive advantage and equip your employees with the skills that your business needs.

When choosing training courses for your employees, it is a good idea to bear in mind that people learn in different ways. Training will be more effective if it meets employees' individual needs as well as your business needs.

The business case for investing in the development of people is compelling. Research shows that training your employees can bring your business an increase in productivity, profits, motivation and more importantly higher customer satisfaction.

Master your profession by

"Mastering continuous improvement"

Group Courses (Maximum 10 people)

In-house courses are run for Managers/Teams/Staff either at your premises, or a suitable training venue of your company’s choice. Visionary specialises in running in-house 1-2 day courses covering a wide range of business related topics which can be specifically tailored to our customers needs.

"To be successful you need to grow"

"To grow you need to change"

"To change you need to learn"

"To learn you need to decide to be outstanding"

Short Courses (Maximum 10 people)

These are  short workshops delivered either at the Dealership/Centre or a location of the customers choice. They have been specifically tailored to deliver powerful ideas to improve performances. Listed below are the workshop lasting 1-1.5 hrs morning or evenings dependant on subject.



Basic Sales Workshop

Outstanding Professional Sales

Sales Manager Mentoring

Used Vehicle Appraisal

Outstanding Used Car Management

Sales Process Facilitation

Sales Time Management

Developing Business to Business Sales



After sales Team Working

Outstanding After sales Bookings

After sales Process Facilitation

Afters sales Manager Mentoring

Outstanding Customer Care

Time Management (The After sales Team)

Change Management (The After sales Team)


Developing Business to Business Sales

Accessories Sales For Profit

Parts Enquiry Management for Profit


Outstanding Customer Care (All)

Stress Management Workshop (Staff)

Stress Management (Managers)

Achieving Targets Workshop

Change Management

Process Facilitation

Time Management

There is only one thing you need to do.....


"Decide to be outstanding” 


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