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Established in October 2005 

About Me

Firstly thanks once again for visiting my website, my name is Noel Leavy and I am based in Maidenhead, Berkshire.  I have  worked within in the Motor Retail Industry for twenty eight years in various management roles with brands such as BMW, Mercedes, Porsche, Toyota, Smart, Ford, Volkswagen, Audi, and Colt Cars.

I started my career in as a Sales Executive and progressed through Sales Management to Brand Manager and finally to the role as a Regional Director of a central marketing area in South west London. Responsible for seven dealerships with a turnover of over 148 million. In my career I have enjoyed working with privately owned businesses and major PLC's.

My last eight years in the industry were predominantly involved in developing market areas and improving performances in profitability and customer care in recently acquired businesses.Throughout my career I have enjoyed outstanding successes and working with some exceptional people and organisations delivered consistently high performances both financially and developments in customer care.

My Motivation

It was clear from my first few months in the Industry that there where great rewards for individuals who excelled in sales and senior management. I very quickly recognised that there was a vast gap in pay and rewards for those recognised for being top performers. It became clear to me that the exceptional performers were doing things differently. The skill was to be able to mimic or model there behaviour..

“Watch your thoughts, for they become words"
"Watch your words, for they become actions".
"Watch your actions, for they become habits"
"Watch your habits, for they become character"
"Watch your character, for it becomes your destiny”

My journey into personal development had started. I wanted to fully understanding the motivation,  processes, and skills  used by individuals who consistently delivered outstanding results. As a sales executive I made a commitment to watch, record the behaviours and the habits of the top salespeople I had been working with. I also made it one of my missions to have a written record of all "best practice" and "great ideas"  I had witnessed or had been kindly shared by others.

These records where invaluable when I became a sales manager later on in my career, it helped me with with improving performances within the sales department. I used them in conjunction with manufacturers key performance indicators to enable me to benchmark current performances any improvements required.

Recording the "Best practices" became a habitual process throughout my career and over the past five years I have consolidated it into a change management development tool called Visionmaster which I can use to establish current working practices and areas for improvement.

My Personal Development

In 1984, I was fortunate enough to go through an interview process which had also included a full day assessment with a Corporate Psychologist. This initiated an overwhelming interest in psychology and its use with other development tools in delivering changes in Individuals, teams and producing quantum improvements businesses performance.

The experience was terrific and it lead me on a mission to learn and develop my own skills in this area. My role as Dealer Principal necessitates long working hours so I  had to commit time and a substantial amount of money on my own personal development. Initially chose to study individuals who had successes in the areas of personal and business and people development. Those who where recognised for being "Outstanding" in their knowledge and expertise in their chosen field. I decided to choose the following people to use as mentors and for guidance in modelling excellence:-

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"Decide to be Outstanding"

Here are some of the subjects I chose to increase my depth of knowledge to use in the introduction of project planning, change management, personal development, and improving individuals and business performances.

   "Perfect practice makes perfect behaviour"

In 1993 I chose to study hypnotherapy. I  qualified as a hypnotherapist in 1995 and gained further qualifications in behavioural modification and Psychotherapy later that year. I also become a lifetime member of  The Association of Ethical and Professional Hypnotherapists.



Visionary to be selected as the first choice partner and also recognised for delivering substantial, measurable, industry  leading performance along with "Outstanding" sustainable results.




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"Continuous Improvement"


"To be outstanding"



My promise is to deliver simple  and effective solutions for your improvement, learning & development needs.Offering an enjoyable, engaging and motivational style aimed to give you outstanding results.

Using friendly, practical advice and support throughout any given project to ensure fully tailored bespoke development programmes aimed to deliver increased profitability with a continuous improvement driven philosophy to achieve.

Finally, by delivering to you, substantial improvements in profitability and performances.


Without exception I can and will make a financial difference to your business. The only you have to do is to decide to be "Outstanding" so please give me a call!

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