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What is Visionmaster?

Visionmaster is an product which I have specifically designed and developed to assist Dealer Principals/Brand Managers and line managers to accurately evaluate all areas their business and as a change management tool to give direction in delivering significant, sustainable improvements.

key performance indicator are essential to any business in benchmarking your current performances against the top performers within you retail franchise dealer network. By using your accounts and introducing them into you daily operating controls will can have dramatic effects on improving performance.

Improving your business performance, customer care and increase profitability requires a process, structured to deliver change management . This can also can be described as "going on a journey".

Key performance indicators give you the start point and the end goal or target, "Visionmaster" can be described as the compass and map to guide you to deliver your objectives...


  •    Improved profitability

  •    Improved cash flow

  •    Increase customer satisfaction

  •    Increase customer referral

  •    Increase customer repurchase

  •    Improve staff retention 

  •    Improved time management

  •    Build a team working environment 

  •    Implementation of best practices   

  •    Achievement of manufacturers standards

  •    Achievement of CSI standards

  •    Continuous Improvement planning

How Visionmaster works?


With Visionmaster we can accurately measure the following areas of your business :-

  •    Best practices

  •    Systems

  •    Processes

  •    Cash flow

  •    Profit generation

  •    Department culture

  •    Job card data/Sales order process

  •    Profit/loss opportunities

  •    Accurate reporting

  •    Administration

  •    Performance management

  •    Time management

  •    Team working

  •    Staff retention

  •    360 degree staff appraisal

  •    Management style

  •    Future development needs

  •    Training needs analysis

  •    Communication

Why Visionmaster?

"You have to change minds before you change a business"

The Implementation of a change management process into any business can be extremely difficult. If the process is not managed effectively it can quickly lead into a work environment of  fear, mistrust and ultimately  de-motivated staff. It is therefore essential to have a clear understanding of the following:-

Where you are currently?

What do you need to change?

Why you need to change?

Who is involved in the changes?

What are the benefits to the changes?

When to start the change process?

How the changes are to be implemented?



Now there is only one thing you need to do.....


"Decide to be outstanding” 



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