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Thank you for taking the time to visit this website and we welcome you to Visionary. Visionary is a business development company which offers training and  change management solutions to small to medium  sized businesses.



"Change management without pain"


Today, there are ever increasing pressures on the Retail Industry to deliver outstanding customer service. With increased competition in all areas of the retail sector, the need to improve and implement "Change" within our businesses is critical and an immense task.


The need for organisational "Change" and developing a business for the future are two of the most difficult and demanding areas facing any business today.


Delivering "Change" becomes even more demanding when balancing the daily customer expectation, with the constant need to sustain a profitable business. Therefore "Change" management needs to be carefully planned, actioned and needs to be delivered without any impact, or damaging  the current business performance and  more importantly staff moral.


I offer and deliver all of the above with measured continuous improvements which are sustainable and will improve all areas of your business.


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“Continuous Improvement”


I have designed the assessment tool called “Visionmaster”  which will identify areas within your business to increase profitability, improve customer service and staff retention. This is achieved by accurately analysing your current systems and processes, lost profit opportunities, staff, skills, culture and key performance indicators from within the motor retail industry.


With "Visionmaster" I am able to identify your existing good working practices and solely focus our attention on those areas of your business which  deliver quantum improvements in profitability and deliver to your customers an "Outstanding" customer experience.


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  “Selective Recruitment”


Visionary specialise in the recruitment of exceptional individuals for the automotive industry, I can provide you with a selection of excellent candidates for any role within your business including sales executives, service advisors, technicians, parts staff, administrators, drivers, accountants and departmental managers.


I can also offer both selective “Managerial Search” and “Advertised Selection”. Our recommendations are only made after careful consideration of our client’s specific needs.


We have prepared an innovative and dynamic new approach to staff recruitment with our “Open recruitment days”. You  can view candidates in action working within a series of group and individual activities. Through using an elimination process, you will be able to determine who would be most suitable for your actual business environment.


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 “Thought into Action”

Selecting effective training for your employees can vastly improve your chances of success.

It can help build your competitive advantage and equip your employees with the skills that your business needs.

When choosing training courses for your employees, it is a good idea to bear in mind that people learn in different ways. Training will be more effective if it meets employees' individual needs as well as your business needs.

The business case for investing in the development of people is compelling. Research shows that training your employees can bring your business an increase in productivity, profits, motivation and higher customer satisfaction.


All interactions between employee and a customer are a profit opportunity or an opportunity to deliver "outstanding customer service" guaranteeing a return visit.


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